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FishLife Issue #30


Issue #30


FishLife #30

FishLife #30 On sale from 4th May 2017. Take a journey with Australia’s leading fishing journalists to a host of stunning fishing destinations. FishLife Issue #30 features a diverse range of species and fishing methods. Real fishing knowledge, from real fishing journalists delivered as only FishLife can.


Island Hopping the Dampier Archipelago

The Pilbara has more to offer than mining – with plenty of remote coastline to explore. And then there is the bunch of islands comprising the Dampier Archipelago. As Mark Davis writes, they feature varied fishing options and plenty of sheltered bays to offer a secluded base for an adventure.

Chasing Scales

I spent years reading and mentally preparing myself for that moment when I would inevitably meet a shark. It did me no good. I suppose what I hadn’t accounted for was the way it swivelled its head and deliberately focussed its attention on me….

Pocket Of Paradise

Hidden away in far northern New South Wales, the Clarence Coast is an idyllic, year-round angling destination with endless opportunities for travelling fishos, as Andrew Mayo explains.

Tasmanian Trifecta

Tasmanian trout fishing can be divided into three broad categories: streams, lakes and private fisheries. As Starlo and Jo discovered during a recent fly fishing visit to the Apple Isle, each option has its own unique attractions.

The Old Switcheroo

It’s no secret that David Granville is a big fan of fishing for billfish using bait and switch methods. He has been refining his techniques in recent years and is happy to share some knowledge that will help you catch more marlin and sailfish.

Boat Test – Streaker 5700 Bluewater

This midrange family and offshore boat has nothing to do with naked invaders of the cricket pitch, apart from a touch of Australian individuality. The Streaker 5700 Bluewater might just be the tonic for the boatie who wants it all, in a compact package that lacks none of the necessities.


Plus, enjoy our regular columnists:

  • Doctor Fish  – Julian Pepperell
  • Think Like a Fish – Steve Starling
  • Fishermum – Emma George
  • Grass Roots – Gary Howard
  • Young Guns – Coen Amon
  • Rod Wrapper – Ian Miller