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FishLife Issue #19

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FishLife Issue #19 celebrates the stunning beauty and passion of Australian fishing.

Rubbers on the Reef

Bouncing soft plastics over coral reefs in our tropical waters is a near certain recipe for extreme fishing excitement. As Starlo explains, you just never know what species will be the next to nail your fluttering lure.

Go The Mighty Blues

Beautiful bulldozers that can bring anglers to their knees, eastern blue groper are a species to be celebrated and respected, writes David Seaman.

Amazon Odyssey

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a bunch of young Aussies had the fishing adventure of a lifetime. Matt Barwick recounts the ripping yarn of their exploits.

Lessons In Luderick

Fishing trends come and go, but old school rock hopping for blackfish has remained a lifelong passion for Jamie Robley. Here, the veteran of the suds shares some of his wisdom and plenty of valuable tips for success.

Biting on the Burdekin

Though the mighty north Queensland river was slugging out dry times, Peter Morse found battalions of gutsy sooty grunter to test his mettle.

Lift Your Game

‘Rad’ Royter gears up again to pepper you with bullets of bulldust-free advice, astute observations and common sense.

Solo Blue

Catching a blue marlin on your own, from a trailer boat, is a pretty cool achievement. David Granville describes the day he fulfilled this long-standing personal goal.

Plus, enjoy our regular columnists:

  • Doctor Fish  – Julian Pepperell
  • Think Like a Fish – Steve Starling
  • Fishermum – Emma George
  • Out There – Warren Steptoe
  • Grass Roots – Gary Howard
  • Young Guns – Coen Amon
  • Rod Wrapper – Ian Miller