ZEREK LIVE SHRIMP – The Original and the Best!

“The most life-like prawn imitation EVER….   …..is it an imitation??”


The Zerek Live Shrimp is ideal for targeting all your favourite estuary species. Expand your fishing options with the new 2” Zerek Live Shrimp. The Zerek 2” / 50mm Live Shrimp weighs 6.5g and is available in all of your favourite colours as well as 4 new exciting life like 2” specific colours. With all of the amazing features of the original Zerek Live Shrimp sizes, the 2” comes pre rigged with a weighted weedless hook. It also comes with a bonus Jig Head so you can re-rig your Zerek Shrimp with the heavier jig head it allowing you to fish deeper waters with a non-weedless presentation.

Zerek Live Shrimp gives you all options from your 2” Zerek Live Shrimp imitating a jelly prawn to your 3.5” & 5” to imitate your bigger tiger prawn. All the bases are covered for all estuary fisheries in Australia.


-Comes pre-rigged with weighted weedless hook

-Unique segmented tail held together by Kevlar matting to give durability and life-like action

-In-built rattle chamber

-10 Life Like colour range with Lumo eyes

-Unique moving leg action

-Can be re-rigged with standard jig head or worm hook

-Unique Rigging slots in the body to shield hook making the lure super-snag resistant whilst maintaining great hook up ability


Available in 3 Sizes:

ZLS20     2” (50mm) 6.5g with Bonus Jig Head!

ZLS35   3.5” (89mm) 7g

ZLS50   5” (127mm) 15.5g


RRP: From $10.50

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