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DPI scientists to monitor fish flow benefits

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) researchers will monitor the expected benefits for the Murray cod population following the most significant environmental flow targeting fish in the history of the Murray Darling Basin.
“Up to 250,000 megalitres of environmental water …


No Hiding For Illegal Fisherman!


‘Way out west’ no hiding place from fisheries officers

Illegal fishers along the Darling River thinking that their isolation would protect them from detection by fisheries officers received a reality check over the NSW October long weekend …


Artificial Reef Program in NT

The Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries (DPIF) will scuttle two large vessels this week to further enhance recreational angling opportunities for local and visiting anglers.

The 29 metre ex-pearl shell carrier the Merindah Pearl and the 24 …


Bycatch Surprises

Having worked in a tackle shop for 5+ years, I’m normally explaining to customers that they’ll achieve better results by actively targeting a species using specific lures, techniques and by fishing different locations. One of the things I love about …


Call For Submissions On Mulloway Recovery Plan

Public submissions are invited on proposed management options to promote the recovery of mulloway in NSW.

Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Acting Commercial Fisheries Director, Doug Ferrell, said mulloway have been assessed as an overfished species and a recovery program …


Albinism in fish

Visit most aquariums or flick through Google images and you’ll easily be able to find photos of albino fish, but what are the chances of finding one in the wild?Lets start by clearing up what true albinism is, as it …