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United We Fish

Time for a Sea Change In Rec’ Fishing?


Can you imagine an Australia without recreational fishing? Jo Starling fears that such a dire future might not be beyond the realms of possibility, especially if we continue on our present path.


Bycatch Surprises

Having worked in a tackle shop for 5+ years, I’m normally explaining to customers that they’ll achieve better results by actively targeting a species using specific lures, techniques and by fishing different locations. One of the things I love about …


Albinism in fish

Visit most aquariums or flick through Google images and you’ll easily be able to find photos of albino fish, but what are the chances of finding one in the wild?Lets start by clearing up what true albinism is, as it …


Whiting on Lures

The Whiting Walk

This is a series of excerpts from Scott Amons whiting article in FishLife issue #1, See bottom for full article.

“Not much more than half a decade ago, consistent whiting captures were strictly the realm of the


Winter Snapper

Winter on the Mid NSW North Coast can offer perfect conditions for those who can fit fishing into the short days. After spending the day looking through fishing photo’s in the FishLife office we decided the ocean looked too nice …