FishLife Issue #9 – Preview

Issue #9 Synopsis

Feature Articles:

RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE – The Search For Perch

The enigmatic jungle perch resides among some of the most picturesque landscapes on the planet. Join Matt Young as he explores the tropical mountain streams of North Queensland in search of this remarkable species.

For The Love Of LUDERICK

Starlo sings the praises (and reveals some of the secrets) of one of the most easily accessible and readily available target species found along our south eastern seaboard: the humble blackfish or luderick.

GETTING DOWN TO IT – Downrigging for Snapper

Australians love their snapper fishing, but to most it appears that not a lot has changed since the soft plastics revolution. Well, Lubin Pfeiffer has been knocking over some thumping South Australian reds using hard-bodied lures and downriggers, and in this article he explains the nuts and bolts of an approach that may well work a treat in other parts of the country as well.


Those wild Territorians don’t need much encouragement to put on a pretty fair shindig. Add their hallowed barramundi into the fray and they’ll organise a carnival. David Granville got an invite to the 2013 Barra Nationals and was forced to dress accordingly…


Whether you’re new to offshore fishing or just set in your ways, it’s easy to find yourself stuck in a rut, fishing the same crowded spots for the same minimal returns. In this feature, Lee Brake takes us step-by-step through the process of expanding our fishing horizons, literally.


Facing the wilds of the Great Southern Ocean, the south coast of Western Australia is marked at its western end by Cape Leeuwin, and the Great Australian Bight to the east. Temperature differences aside, Mark Davis can see some similarities between his home in the Pilbara and the great south — none moreso than the vast stretches of unpopulated and unpressured coastline, rivers and inlets.


Canoes have been a favoured river, lake and small-water craft in Australia for many years now. In particular, they have serviced our dedicated bass, Murray cod and tropical sweetwater anglers since the dawn of sportfishing. Prior to that, Australia’s original inhabitants, the Aborigines, skillfully fished and hunted from bark and dugout canoes. The humble canoe is still widely used on a great many waterways throughout this expansive continent.

AMERICAN CLASS IN GLASS – The Grady-White Fisherman 209

Aussie boat builders construct great boats, but when it comes to big centre consoles — arguably the best configuration for offshore sportfishing — American-built boats are something special indeed, as Warren Steptoe explains.

EDGEWATER 208CC – The Navico Demo Boat

When leading marine electronics company Navico teamed up with the likes of Evinrude and EdgeWater to create a demo boat, the outcome was always going to be impressive. Scott Amon jumped on board the new vessel for a closer look, and discovered it’s one mean fishing machine.


Plus all of our regular columnists:

  • On the Hook – Glen Booth
  • Dr Fish  – Julian Pepperell
  • Think Like a Fish – Steve Starling
  • Fishermum – Emma George
  • Out There – Warren Steptoe
  • Grass Roots – Gary Howard
  • Young Guns – Coen Amon
  • Rod Wrapper – Ian Miller



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