FishLife Issue #8 – Preview

Issue #8 Synopsis

Feature Articles:


They’re commonly known as ‘spinning’ reels and although some prefer to call them ‘threadlines’, everybody knows what an ‘eggbeater’ is. By any name, they are clearly the most widely used reels in fishing today. Warren Steptoe explains why.


With a new trout season now open, or about to open in most parts of Australia where these wonderful sport fish occur, many keen freshwater anglers are busily organising their gear for that first spring foray. In this timely piece, Starlo offers some excellent advice on where to look for trout.


Gamex is earning a reputation as a ‘must fish’ tournament amongst the game fishing fraternity, so David Granville headed west to check out the 2013 event and managed to slip in a bit of flats fishing at the same time.

THE WORM HAS TURNED – Beach Worming For Beginners

Catching your own bait is frequently the key to greater angling success, but it has never been more challenging or consuming than when collecting beach worm. Tangling with these stringy morsels is quite addictive and frustratingly fun, as Dave Seaman details in this comprehensive beginner’s guide.

NORTHERN EXPOSURE — Something For Everyone!

Chasing giant black marlin in Queensland’s far north is on most anglers’ bucket lists. Making the trek from the bottom end of the continent to get his first taste of the heavy tackle scene, Chris Baty maximised both his airfare and his time away by adding a little more than marlin to the piscatorial menu.


The Broughton River lies in the mid north of South Australia and is an oasis of angling opportunity in a desert landscape, as Lubin Pfeiffer explains.


Boat Test – BAR CRUSHER 670HT

The team at Bar Crusher have forged a reputation for building strong plate aluminium boats with great offshore capability. John Ford tested the 670HT on a blustery morning on Port Phillip Bay, and was mighty grateful for the enhanced weather protection the hardtop version had to offer.


When it comes to choosing a new fishing boat, there is often a compromise that has to be negotiated with a family keen to see the new acquisition as something they can also use for frolicking on the water. If you want a boat to take them on a picnic, John Ford’s advice is to look at something other than the blood-and-guts Evolution Axis.

Plus all the regular columns:

  • On the Hook – Glen Booth
  • Dr Fish  – Julian Pepperell
  • Think Like a Fish – Steve Starling
  • Fishermum – Emma George
  • Out There – Warren Steptoe
  • Grass Roots – Gary Howard
  • Young Guns – Coen Amon
  • Rod Wrapper – Ian Miller

One thought on “FishLife Issue #8 – Preview

  1. Firstly great mag and articles guys, I just about read this mag from cover to cover as the vast majority of it is relevant to the fishing I do.
    As much as I enjoy sitting down to your paper magazine and flicking through the articles when and where ever I have time or can, it would also be nice (possibly less expensive for you the publisher too) if I could come to this site, log in and down load the mag to read from my tablet. This would have added benefit for being able to instantly catch up on issues I’ve missed or perhaps if I’ve left my copy of the mag at home while I’m at work.
    Also while writing this I just had a thought, it would be nice to see an article from one of the female fishing fraternity (Chloe Taylor for example) who may be able to (simply by writing) encourage more females (read partners) understand the joys and to partake of this fantastic past time we all so enjoy. Although for some I guess fishing may also be an excuse to have some time with mates and a break from the old ball and chain.
    Just food for thought is all.

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