FishLife Issue #10 – Preview

Issue #10 Synopsis

Feature Articles:

CRACKING THE CODE – Reading Our Temperate Estuaries

Starlo shares a lifetime of experience sussing out the cool and temperate estuary systems around the southern half of our massive continent… If you read this one and don’t come away a better angler, it might be time to consider taking up golf!


When it comes to performance, blue marlin are certainly in the Formula One category. They’re fast, powerful, unpredictable, and many anglers have been spooled or busted up trying to land one. John Ashley explains why.


With insight gleaned from a lifetime of barra fishing, Warren Steptoe details how and why a trip to Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge produced the goods big time — when it probably shouldn’t have!


Catching the biggest of a species tends to distract a lot of anglers, but targeting smaller, tastier specimens for the table can be just as rewarding. In this article, Dave Seaman takes a shallow approach to one of our most valued estuarine species, the dusky flathead.


Micah Adams reflects on some of his favourite remote estuaries perfectly placed for the kayak fisher.


King George whiting are one of southern Australia’s most revered ‘bread and butter’ fish, and South Australia is widely regarded as having the ‘gun’ fishery. Surprisingly, keen SA angler and FishLife contributor Lubin Pfeiffer had never lifted a finger in pursuit of this species, but we put him to the task and with the help of a few local gurus he documents how easy and enjoyable it is to score a feed of KGs.


Mud crabs are one of the most revered seafood delicacies the world has to offer. In this article, Natalie and Kim Andersen provide an in-depth guide to finding, catching and cooking these tasty crustaceans.


Despite a 30-plus year fishing career, David Granville had never fished for Murray cod until just recently. His first session on the mighty green fish left an indelible impression. Here he offers some valuable advice from the lessons learned as a first time cod angler.

SOUTHERN X 650HT – The FishLife Project Boat

FishLife Magazine is pretty excited about a dedicated offshore project boat we have put together with the support of Southern X Boats, BRP, Simrad, Exide Batteries and Club Marine. Scott Amon gives his first impressions of the vessel.


When a local business with a 60-year history run by the third generation of the same family begins importing boats with a similar pedigree, it’s time to take notice. John Ford went along to Lifestyle Marine in a sleepy backwater of Lake Macquarie in ‘pursuit’ of the latest brand from America to hit our shores.

Plus all of our regular columnists:

  • On the Hook – Glen Booth
  • Dr Fish  – Julian Pepperell
  • Think Like a Fish – Steve Starling
  • Fishermum – Emma George
  • Out There – Warren Steptoe
  • Grass Roots – Gary Howard
  • Young Guns – Coen Amon
  • Rod Wrapper – Ian Miller



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